Freddy Sakazaki

A little bit classy, a little bit (okay a lot) trashy, I couldn’t decide which image to wrap this site up with, so you get both Sawasawa (blog, pixiv, tumblr, twitter) and Freddy Sakazaki (website, pixiv) as your parting gifts for this adventure.

Yep, as of today, you can consider this site finished (until I surface again with a more archival layout for all of this). I could go into the gory details, but who wants that? The TL;DR is that a) this just plain eats up too much free time, b) I’ve far exceeded the goals I set for myself, and c) I figure 250’s a good number to go out on.

I’ve never promoted the site or tracked metrics, so I don’t know if anyone actually stumbled in and started following along, but if you did, thank you for spending some time with me. It was an entirely selfish pursuit, but if it also generated some… entertainment for you, then it makes it all the more worthwhile.

And now I take my leave with the wisest words I know: Be excellent to each other.

Sapphic Saturday 250
bertille althusser - Bansankan
Millia Rage - Mitsuru Kirise
Black Canary - Darwyn Cooke
Alice - Kyoushitsu Oshare
Mai Shiranui - Shiory
Marika X Mirei - Umiko Tousaki
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