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More or less. As is obvious, we’re back to front-page distractions. The sidebar’s gone in favor of more pixels, which will be particularly nice for those horizontal images. I’ve also trimmed out some unused cruft and pretty much cut the focus to the distractions themselves. I didn’t get as much of a jump on this as I would have liked, so there’s a few kinks to work out and I still need to go nudge, oh, pretty much every post to get it looking like it should. But for the moment? Sleeeeeeeeeep.

New distractions will start in the morning as usual, but for you early overnight peekers, a bit of Touhou from Kurione (site, blog, pixiv).

EDIT: Oh god, I broke most of the images. Cleaning up my mess now.

EDIT 2: Aaaaaand blah. Everything should be happy again. I think. Sound off if something’s amiss.

And We’re Back
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