Gun Smoky Baby - Shimoigusa / Takemura Sessyu

You know moving is running you ragged when you buy your mom a birthday card (that expresses sentiments well) only to realize later that it’s a Mother’s Day card. Whoops. But by and large it is done, thank fuck, mostly just some handfuls of stuff to put away, figures to arrange, and boxes to flatten/return. Internet is in at the new place and gloriously fast, I have room for stuff, and the ceilings are tall (a much-needed change from the horribly low ceilings at my old place). A few more days of pre-scheduled posts while I continue settling in and then it’s back into the swing of things.

Piece by Shimoigusa/Takemura Sessyu, from a thing called Gun Smoky Baby that he seems to have invested some time in concepting/illustrating, but not taken to full realization as yet, with a bunch of nice pieces on his Shimoigusa pixiv.

Ding Dong The Moving’s Done
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