containing "Anal"
Alice X Irina - Marishiten

Marishiten really likes drawing ass play, among a pile of other fetishwork.

Naoki Moriya

Right back into the exhibitionism, which Naoki Moriya focuses on almost exclusively.


It looks like Elk115 started posting larger pieces somewhere along the way, nice.

It can get annoying when an artist up and moves while you’re not looking, like Nuezou (nijie, twitter) has done, but fortunately the internet keeps an eye on that.


Today we’ve got Monpuchi with an invitation that’d be hard to refuse.

Nana Abe - Nekoume

While the Easter Bunny’s off hiding eggs, I’ll be hiding carrots with Nekoume.

Houshou X Nachi - ICE

ICE/Serious Graphics is seriously overdue for showing up here, I’ve got pieces of his work saved on my hard drive going back at least 13 years at this point, if not older.

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