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Millia Rage - Mitsuru Kirise

There’s a new iteration of Guilty Gear Xrd out this week and while newcomer Jack-O’s design is pure sex, I’m a Millia player through and through. So we’ve got some old Mitsuru Kirise (website, tumblr, pixiv, nijie, nicovideo, twitter) today. Unfortunately his work is more hit than miss for me, but this one’s an absolute hit (it).

Madoka Hinomoto

Some fine backsides by Madoka Hinomoto (blog, pixiv, nijie, twitter) and Sola7764.


Nothing but butt today with these fine pieces from Ebido (website, pixiv) and Imizu (website, pixiv).

Kurochijo - Karasu Shuugetsu

Lots of bikinis around here, you’d think it was summer or something. But there’s never enough bums, so let’s have some Karasu Shuugetsu and Ichitora Yoshida to help work on that.

This post, with pieces by Koutarou Nishi (blog, pixiv) and Wa (pixiv, nijie, flickr), goes out to the fine college girl ass that was staring me in the face while I was doing laundry this weekend. Your red shorts were clinging nicely to some very lovely curves and they made it quite tough to focus on the comic I was reading.

Renais - Takamatsu Tsukasawa

Sometimes it’s as simple as a good-looking ass, and Takamatsu Tsukasawa (blog, pixiv) provides ample curves to satisfy. Ample everything, really, a huge gallery overflowing with curvy ladies sure to satisfy all weekend.

Goo Schlicking

With goo girls, your options are pretty well limitless, she’ll take you in wherever you’d like. Go on, let your imagination run wild, use your head…

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