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Black Canary - Darwyn Cooke

It’s time to say goodbye to the current run of Black Canary, and I can’t think of any better way than with a belated farewell to Darwyn Cooke, a master of the field, RIP.

Black Canary - Bruce Timm

Ehhh, why not? Let’s keep it simple with some ever-perfect Bruce Timm today.

Crossover - Paulo Barrios

Along with the traditional nude/not-nude variations, the path from initial sketches to final, colored piece can involve any number of changes, even replacing characters entirely, as with this set of Paulo Barrios (deviantart, pixiv, hentai-foundry) pieces.

Black Canary - Annie Wu

It’s finally here! Brenden Fletcher! Annie Wu (website, flickr)! Black Canary! Ongoing! Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna be a blubbering pile of goo in the corner for a while.

Black Canary - Colors Tony Ramirez

I’ve never really been a fan of Renato Camilo’s work, but after some inks by Frostdusk and excellent coloring work by Tony Ramirez, this Canary turned into a piece I actually like.

Black Canary - Thegreenspike

And today we see the last of the current run of Birds of Prey, here’s hoping Dinah gets a better treatment wherever she turns up next, but for now we’ve got Thegreenspike reminding us of happier days. Oh wait, that was a mess too.

Black Canary & Zatanna: Bloodspell (henceforth known as The Greatest Comic In The Universe) released while I was taking my break, so I haven’t gotten to gush over it yet. Paul Dini’s still the amazing Paul Dini who gets the old DCU better than perhaps anyone but Mark Waid. Joe Quinones (blog, tumblr, deviantart) draws lively characters with the best of them. Together they’ve made a hell of a romp that’s not only [...]

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