containing "Breast Expansion"
Alice - Kyoushitsu Oshare

Part of a sequence for you from Alice in Immoral-land, by Kyoushitsu Oshare/Valkyria.

Suwako Moriya - Ao Banana

All those goofy, elaborate secret methods for breast enlargement, if only it were as simple as Ao Banana’s plan.

And lo, we reach another Rule, that of breast expansion. Quality control issues mean I don’t think I’ll be able to turn a full week out of it, but at the least this gif from Manyuu Hikenchou should give you something to go look for if you need more.

Breast Expansion

Some extreme breast expansion today, from some eroge or another. I can understand liking large tits, but this sort of thing always crossed over from bring fappable into the realm of the comedic for me.

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