containing "Collar"
bertille althusser - Bansankan

It’s with amusement I note that Bansankan (blog, pixiv, twitter) seems to be on team Futa Widowmaker, but as we already covered that ground a few weeks ago, let’s just have another excellent piece he contributed to a doujin instead, shall we?

Djeeta and Christina - Cait

Cait (blog, pixiv) has a pretty cute style, even when he’s going a bit harder like this.

Sakura Igawa - Wrato

Sure Wrato gets a bit messy, but I’m confident we can find someone to clean it up.

Jasmine - Youngjaerome

Wow, what an oversight, Jasmine’s a top five Disney Princess and she’s never shown up. Here’s Youngjaerome (deviantart, hentai-foundry) to finally put her on display.


Oh yes, I’m looking forward to the warmer weather Mila (pixiv, nijie) brings today.

Amemiya Saya

I mean, c’mon, Amemiya Saya (blog, pixiv) has basically forced my hand with this one.

Nitori Kawashiro - Flanvia

Flanvia’s (blog, pixiv, nijie) work just drips with cumstyle when he puts his mind to it.

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