containing "Group Effort"

A little bit classy, a little bit (okay a lot) trashy, I couldn’t decide which image to wrap this site up with, so you get both Sawasawa (blog, pixiv, tumblr, twitter) and Freddy Sakazaki (website, pixiv) as your parting gifts for this adventure. Yep, as of today, you can consider this site finished (until I surface again with a more archival layout for all of this). I could go [...]

Miko X Kokoro X Byakuren - Yuki Akehi

A lighter collection from Yuki Akehi today, the weather’s too nice to waste it indoors.

Alice X Irina - Marishiten

Marishiten really likes drawing ass play, among a pile of other fetishwork.

Aqua, Darkness, Megumin - Morokoshitaroh

Konosuba’s dreams brothel was a pretty clever little spin, one that is being taken full advantage of by artists like Morokoshitaroh (website, blog, pixiv, nijie) here.

Chel - Natasha Alter

Chel’s one of Dreamworks’ best girls and Natasha Alter is easily her best artist.

Reimu X Kasen X Yukari - Hyudora

A Touhou double-team from Hyudora (blog, pixiv, nijie) as we roll into the weekend.

Caitlyn - Sexgazer

One of Sexgazer’s (tumblr, hentai-foundry, whentai) pet characters getting pounded.

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