containing "Group Effort"
Naga - Kenji Kishizuka

Man, even if there’s just a handful of people doing it, it’s great to see new Naga art being drawn, like this Kenji Kishizuka (blog, pixiv), leaving me feeling all…nostalgic.

Shindou L

Bringing Shindou L back with a bevy of busty bovines.

Wonder Woman and Holli Would - Arthuro Rodjim

Doubling it up with a great Arthuro Rodjim (tumblr, deviantart, pixiv, hentai-foundry).

Yamatogawa - Power Play

Things are looking up with Yamatogawa and Teri-Terio (website, blog, pixiv) today.


Norinco (blog, pixiv, twitter) draws some really cute girls, and is great at setting the scene, I just wish he had more stuff to look at.

Nana Fukami - Hiememiko

It isn’t quite true to the meaning of “something borrowed, something blue,” but I’d say Hiememiko (blog, pixiv) makes excellent use of Oota Nawoto’s (tumblr, pixiv) girl.

Haruka - Chikuishi

Chikuishi (blog, pixiv, dlsite) with some ever-busty Senran Kagura today.

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