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Millia Rage - Mitsuru Kirise

There’s a new iteration of Guilty Gear Xrd out this week and while newcomer Jack-O’s design is pure sex, I’m a Millia player through and through. So we’ve got some old Mitsuru Kirise (website, tumblr, pixiv, nijie, nicovideo, twitter) today. Unfortunately his work is more hit than miss for me, but this one’s an absolute hit (it).

Dizzy - Shiragi

A lovely Shiragi (website, pixiv) piece to go with Dizzy’s reveal for the next Xrd entry.

I-No - Laio

I-no’s the only nudity on display, but Laio has a stack of nice pieces to look through.

I-No - Yuu Shizuku

Yuu Shizuku posts pretty infrequently, but the wait is usually worth it when it means pieces like this.

Millia Rage - Odaodaoaoda

Even with Xrd there’s still a dearth of Millia smut out there, so I’ll take good ones like Odaodaoaoda here, wherever I can.

Millia vs Ramlethal - Amayu

Just scratching an unrelenting itch as I wait for Xrd to drop with great pieces by Amayu (blog, pixiv) and Zubon no Onara.

Baiken - Obui

A good Baiken anal? That’s quite a rarity, so I gladly tip my hat towards Obui (website, pixiv) for it.

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