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Haku X Miku - Sadamasa Shiika

Sadamasa Shiika (website, pixiv, twitter) draws some nice stuff, but I’m almost more interested in all of the animation process work in his gallery.

Ryouko Yakushiji - Narumi Kakinouchi

Only top hats allowed today, with Narumi Kakinouchi (website, danbooru) and Daidou (pixiv, nicovideo) bringing some class to this join. Well, Narumi is anyhow.

Hatsune Miku - Nonoririn

All this time I’ve managed to keep the site dupe-free and then I go and screw it up on back-to-back weeks. Now that I’ve discovered my error, I’m doubling back- pun absolutely intended- with Nonorin (pixiv, deviantart) to make it all better again.

Miku x Rin - Takumi Torigoe

Just a quiet moment from Takumi Torigoe (website, blog, pixiv, nijie, nicovideo).

Hatsune Miku - Muutya

I always love finding pieces, like these from Muutya (blog, pixiv, deviantart) and Yuzawa (pixiv, nijie), that form perfectly complementing contrasts of each other.

Luka x Miku - Chiri

How about some vocaloid action from Chiri (blog, pixiv, niconico) to cap off the week?

Sex Nochi Ryou Omoi - Doumou

Doumou (website, pixiv) and Mujakuma (blog, pixiv) painting on fine canvases for us today.

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