containing "Hot Pants"
Haku X Miku - Sadamasa Shiika

Sadamasa Shiika (website, pixiv, twitter) draws some nice stuff, but I’m almost more interested in all of the animation process work in his gallery.

Tsutomu Oono

Will you be predator or prey to these great demonesses by Keito Kedama (site, pixiv) and Tsutomu Oono (blog, alt blog, pixiv, old pixiv)?

Jinx - 999knight

It’s tricky to hit this setting without getting gross, but 999knight (blog, pixiv) nails it.

Saki X Susanna - Zasha

Zasha (pixiv, nijie) is as yuri-focused as ever, but I’m just over here wishing he was still doing Genshiken pieces.

Mujou Munashi

Does sex on a ferris wheel have a term like the Mile High Club associated with it? Even if it doesn’t, Mujou Munashi (website, pixiv) and everyone else should keep drawing it.

Sherry Birkin - Unsomnus

Between Game of Thrones and iZombie, it’s been a particularly good zombie week on tv, so let’s roll that into the whole hot pants thing with some Resident Evil by Unsomnus (tumblr, deviantart, pixiv).

Moco - Yamada

More hot pants? More hot pants. With today’s piece by Yamada and /v/ artist 34no404.

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