containing "Humi"

Having not learned the glory of Vanillaware until long after Odin Sphere came out the first time, I’m super excited to play the remake that’s hitting today, but first I’ve got to finish the back half of Uncharted 4. I’ve got some fantastic work by Toi8/Humi (blog, pixiv, twitter) and Burari (pixiv, deviantart) to hold me over in the meantime.

Sullivan's Sluggers - James Stokoe

I don’t mean to pay short shrift to humi with today’s post, lots of great stuff and you should definitely go through his gallery, but I would be remiss if I didn’t pimp Mark Andrew SmithMark turns out to be a bit of an awful person and James Stokoe’s Sullivan’s Sluggers Kickstarter, because goddamn, you need that.

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