containing "Idolmaster"
Miku X Riina - Casino

Out and about all week, all I want is a nice quiet weekend like Casino has going on.

Nana Abe - Nekoume

While the Easter Bunny’s off hiding eggs, I’ll be hiding carrots with Nekoume.

Mika Jougasaki - Yang-Do

There’s a new outfit du jour getting a whole bunch of attention right now, so let’s have a look at it with Yang-Do’s (blog, pixiv) contribution to the cause.

Hibiki Ganaha - Azusa

Even Azusa (website, pixiv) isn’t buying that bust.

Nao Kamiya X Yuka Nakano - Kurorichin

The Idolmaster well is getting as hard to avoid as Touhou and Kancolle, but when you’ve got pieces like this Kurorichin (pixiv, nicovideo) out there, it’s hard to resist.


It can be daunting to figure out what to do for Tuesday’s double posts. I mean, I can’t not run this absurdly good piece from Loped (pixiv, naver), but finding someone on par with his work is… Well, it’s not easy. Sometimes though, all it takes is a small change in perspective and everything comes together, like with this Code-AA here.

Miki Hoshii - Naotaka Hayashi

For all I like to play around and have fun, I don’t have much tickling action in here. Conveniently, that’s one of Naotaka Hayashi’s (blog, pixiv, nicovideo) main fetishes.

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