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Mai Shiranui - Shiory

Shiroy is new to the scene, but I like his linework a lot, even if it’s a bit scatological. Bonus: I’ve just found an accidental dupe-post a while back, enjoy the replacement.

Chun-Li X Mai Shiranui - Tumtumisu

Back to the couch with a fun, classic coupling by Tumtumisu (tumblr, hentai-foundry).

News of a new King of Fighters in the works renews the eternal hope that Vanessa will return as a playable fighter, but until then, I must make do with the occasional piece by artists like Jun Isami (blog, pixiv) here.

Blue Mary - Sian

Lots of tasty pieces to pick from with Sian (blog, pixiv), but this Blue Mary’s too good to pass up.

Athena Asamiya - Hell Machina

Some KOF is always good, with a solid Athena from Hell Machina getting the nod today.

Mai Shiranui - DLC

A new GTA today? Pfft, fuck it, who cares about that noise. KoF XIII launched on Steam this weekend and if you haven’t yet played it, get the fuck on it. And with that, let’s have a pair of Mai’s magnificent pair, shall we? Starting with some absurd insertion from DLC, we also have some of Tsukasa Kotobuki’s (circle: blog, pixiv) glorious work.

Angel - Solid Air

Giving myself a much-needed Angel fix with this small set by Solid Air (website, pixiv, deviantart), c’mon SNK, give me back her and Vanessa and I’ll put some serious time into you.

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