containing "Large Insertion"

A little bit classy, a little bit (okay a lot) trashy, I couldn’t decide which image to wrap this site up with, so you get both Sawasawa (blog, pixiv, tumblr, twitter) and Freddy Sakazaki (website, pixiv) as your parting gifts for this adventure. Yep, as of today, you can consider this site finished (until I surface again with a more archival layout for all of this). I could go [...]

Mai Shiranui - Shiory

Shiroy is new to the scene, but I like his linework a lot, even if it’s a bit scatological. Bonus: I’ve just found an accidental dupe-post a while back, enjoy the replacement.

Tharja - Kairu

There’s always room for good Tharja smut, and Kairu (tumblr, hentai-foundry) nails it.

Symmetra - Ecoas

Might as well make this a full run at the fine women of Overwatch, so here’s Ecoas (deviantart, hentai-foundry) and NeoCoill (tumblr, deviantart, hentai-foundry, pixiv). - Reiq

It’s been quite a while since Reiq (website, tumblr, deviantart, pixiv) last appeared, so I’ll gladly bring him (and back here to put the spotlight on his stuff again.


A beastly piece by Aka6 (hentai-foundry, pixiv) to kick off the week.

Caitlyn - Sexgazer

One of Sexgazer’s (tumblr, hentai-foundry, whentai) pet characters getting pounded.

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