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Kei and Yuri - Keso

I kind of want to believe that Keso (website, pixiv) is secretly a pen name for Haruka Takachiho and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko doing dirty Dirty Pair together, because this sequence is about 200% true to the sort of nonsense Kei and Yuri get into.

Hatsune Miku - Nonoririn

All this time I’ve managed to keep the site dupe-free and then I go and screw it up on back-to-back weeks. Now that I’ve discovered my error, I’m doubling back- pun absolutely intended- with Nonorin (pixiv, deviantart) to make it all better again.


Demonic double-dickings from PoPoJump today, instead of his usual goblin mischief.

Café Artful - Mebawe Hayasaka

Mebawe Hayasaka (website, blog, pixiv, nijie) took a shine to Café Artful, unlike, well, anyone else apparently (47/51 pixiv pieces of her are his!). A shame, really, because she’s pretty cute, but he’s fighting the good fight to draw her as often as he can.

Amalia - Dahs

I love it when a character’s powers and abilities are used well in a piece, and Dahs does a fine job dangling a different spin on the obvious use of Amalia’s here.

Chun-Li - Butcha-U

Faded, cleaner image or better saturation with text all over and heavier censoring? Hard to decide, but either way it’s been way too long since I’ve had Butcha-U/Eroquis (website, blog, sfw blog, pixiv, sfw pixiv) around.

Princess Peach - Nishino

There are infinite uses for infinite item blocks, as Nishino (blog, pixiv) shows.

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