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Mai Shiranui - Shiory

Shiroy is new to the scene, but I like his linework a lot, even if it’s a bit scatological. Bonus: I’ve just found an accidental dupe-post a while back, enjoy the replacement.

Chun-Li X Mai Shiranui - Tumtumisu

Back to the couch with a fun, classic coupling by Tumtumisu (tumblr, hentai-foundry).

Mai Shiranui - Kloah

Mai, what big jugs you have. And yet, as far as Kloah’s (blog, pixiv) other work is concerned, they’re at the smaller end of the spectrum.

Mai Shiranui - Homare

Who doesn’t like a little bit of Mai to start their week? Today’s piece comes by way of one of Homare’s (website, pixiv) earlier Beautiful Illusion artbooks. A man with a passion for drawing lots of fighting game girls, I like that, oh yes, I do. Sure, he draws other characters too, but whatever.

Mai Shiranui - Saigado

Oh, for the days when Saigado did KoF doujins that weren’t just shota-fests.

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