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Millia Rage - Mitsuru Kirise

There’s a new iteration of Guilty Gear Xrd out this week and while newcomer Jack-O’s design is pure sex, I’m a Millia player through and through. So we’ve got some old Mitsuru Kirise (website, tumblr, pixiv, nijie, nicovideo, twitter) today. Unfortunately his work is more hit than miss for me, but this one’s an absolute hit (it).

Millia Rage - Odaodaoaoda

Even with Xrd there’s still a dearth of Millia smut out there, so I’ll take good ones like Odaodaoaoda here, wherever I can.

Millia vs Ramlethal - Amayu

Just scratching an unrelenting itch as I wait for Xrd to drop with great pieces by Amayu (blog, pixiv) and Zubon no Onara.

Milia x Zato-1 - Fujishima-01

I know it’s still a ways off, but I’m still getting itchy for the new Guilty Gear, so let’s have some Millia, with pieces by Fujishima-01 and Pangulu.

I-NO Wins - DenX

Man, if this is how Game Overs turned out in GGXXetc, I wouldn’t mind all those times I’ve been thwomped by her. This DenX/Friedugoi piece having been around for 2+ years without me seeing it means I really need to do the fanart trawling rounds again.

Yoko - Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

One, two, three, four, I declare thirty more. Far too lazy to thoroughly provide appropriate sourcing, hardly had the time to pick them out.

Millia Rage - ONOE

Because it’s another fighting game weekend, with more attention to BlazBlue on my 3DS and watching the Canada Cup tourney stream, we’ve got a recent Millia Rage piece by ONOE (website, pixiv) today. As much for the fact that it’s a new Millia piece as it is for the observation that ONOE’s linework, in the decade-plus that I’ve been looking at this stuff, has not really evolved at all. His coloring’s gotten better, but man, [...]

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