containing "Piercings"
Saya Endou - Rokumai Piza

I don’t do that whole waifus nonsense, but today we’ve got Rokumai Piza and Isshiki with a couple of my favorite gals from this new crop of shows.

Shindou L

Bringing Shindou L back with a bevy of busty bovines.


We’ve got one of the tamer pieces from JM’s gallery today, consider yourself warned.

Vault Girl - The Kite

Fallout’s a pretty popular subject right now, as you might imagine, and while there’s any number of pieces to choose from, I’m going to go with this piece from The Kite.


Demonic double-dickings from PoPoJump today, instead of his usual goblin mischief.


Today’s the day for the annual trip to the poles, with great pieces from Rebe11 and Gtolin Chang. What’s that? It’s time to go to the polls and vote? Eh, close enough.

Eris Morn & Queen - Slugbox

Because of all his anthro art, I’ve been hemming and hawing over posting Slugbox (website, tumblr, deviantart, hentai-foundry) for some time, but laziness, Destiny still consuming too much free time, and this well-stacked pair have finally won him a spot.

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