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Yoruichi X Sui-Feng - Shizuhime

Some boozy play from Shizuhime (website, blog, pixiv), who draws this pair a bunch.

Amemiya Saya

I mean, c’mon, Amemiya Saya (blog, pixiv) has basically forced my hand with this one.

Alice X Yuuka - Kagari6496

It looks like we’ve got another Touhou, but I’m not gonna pass up this Kagari6496.

Tracer X Widowmaker - Reptileye

All the furor over Tracer’s ass shot getting pulled out of Overwatch, but as Reptileye (blog, deviantart, pixiv, hentai-foundry) shows, even she knows which ass matters.

Fuuro X Kamitsure - Maya Yuuki

I really wish Maya Yuuki (blog, pixiv, nicovideo) posted his stuff at a higher resolution.

Sniper Wolf X Meryl - RenX

With as little attention as Sniper Wolf gets (especially with Quiet stealing the sniper thunder), there’s no way I could pass up this fine piece of work by RenX.

Chun-Li X Mai Shiranui - Tumtumisu

Back to the couch with a fun, classic coupling by Tumtumisu (tumblr, hentai-foundry).

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