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Millia Rage - Mitsuru Kirise

There’s a new iteration of Guilty Gear Xrd out this week and while newcomer Jack-O’s design is pure sex, I’m a Millia player through and through. So we’ve got some old Mitsuru Kirise (website, tumblr, pixiv, nijie, nicovideo, twitter) today. Unfortunately his work is more hit than miss for me, but this one’s an absolute hit (it).

Android 18 - 21YC

More exquisite than explicit, 21YC (blog, pixiv) has some mighty fine art on display.

Nonon Jakuzure - Misha Shennai

Misha Shennai (blog, pixiv) gives us more of a tease than anything, but who cares?

Chun-Li - Wedge

We’ve got Wedge (blog, pixiv) putting the old thunder thighs to good use today.

Tifa - Konsuke Konsu

A lovely little moment by Konsuke Konsu (blog, pixiv) for your pleasure today. - Shunkaku

As I’m going to be busy with company for the weekend, you’re getting a short chain of Overwatch pieces to make my life a little easier. To kick things off, we’ve got Shunkaku (tumblr, nsfw tumblr, deviantart, hentai-foundry, pixiv) with some, who has proven herself one of my early favorites here in the open beta.

Franziska von Karma - Pocari66

The anime isn’t living up to the games, but it’s still worth looking back with Pocari66.

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