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Sadako - Muku

Today we’ve got Muku with one of the better pieces of Ringu smut out there.

Suguha Kirigaya - Canel Matsuno

More of a Bath Time Online with Canel Matsuno (blog, pixiv, nijie, nicovideo), really.

Tsunade - TS422

TS422 has some great pieces, but I’ve gotta go with the best nipples in the bunch.

Saya Endou - Tarou Kakogawa

Like any good dagashi, Tarou Kakogawa (website, pixiv) encourages playing around.

Aqua, Darkness, Megumin - Morokoshitaroh

Konosuba’s dreams brothel was a pretty clever little spin, one that is being taken full advantage of by artists like Morokoshitaroh (website, blog, pixiv, nijie) here.

Princess Peach - Wasabi

Grabbed the newest Mario Bros this week too, so I’m spicing it up with some Wasabi.

Minori Kushieda - Aoinagi

I’m in the mood for some older silliness today with with Aoinagi (blog, pixiv) piece.

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