containing "Tattoo"
Pharah - Splashbrush

Splashbrush (tumblr, deviantart, hentai-foundry, pixiv) revealing the armored goods.

Zarya X Mercy - RHA

RHA (tumblr, art tumblr, hentai-foundry) returns with a fairly rare pairing.

To go with the weekend’s Zombie Jesus-ness, we’ve got a couple of off-holiday zombies from Blunt Katana (tumblr, deviantart) and Ryota-H (website, pixiv).

Tsutomu Oono

Will you be predator or prey to these great demonesses by Keito Kedama (site, pixiv) and Tsutomu Oono (blog, alt blog, pixiv, old pixiv)?

Taokaka - Poch4N

Baskin in the aftermath, with pieces by Poch4N (tumblr, deviantart, pixiv) and Antaria.


Getting a bit Suicide Girls by way of Japan with this piece by Jamerican.

Jinx - 999knight

It’s tricky to hit this setting without getting gross, but 999knight (blog, pixiv) nails it.

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