containing "Touhou"
Miko X Kokoro X Byakuren - Yuki Akehi

A lighter collection from Yuki Akehi today, the weather’s too nice to waste it indoors.

Yuugi Hoshiguma - Ky.

This tasty-looking treat from Ky. (pixiv, twitter) is pretty much impossible to resist.

Nitori Kawashiro - Flanvia

Flanvia’s (blog, pixiv, nijie) work just drips with cumstyle when he puts his mind to it.

Alice X Yuuka - Kagari6496

It looks like we’ve got another Touhou, but I’m not gonna pass up this Kagari6496.

Youmu Konpaku - Kurokuro

A total tentacle assault from Kurokuro (website, pixiv, nijie) to wrap the work week.

Fujiwara no Mokou - Jikai

Jikai (pixiv, twitter) sure knows how to let a girl have a good time.

Inaba Reisen - Kurosuke Takatoo

Kurosuke Takatoo (pixiv, nijie) and The Golden Smurf (tumblr, pixiv) earning the V’s.

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