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Fujiwara no Mokou - Jikai

Jikai (pixiv, twitter) sure knows how to let a girl have a good time.


Dipping into some eroge CG today with this Hatachi (website, pixiv) piece


Well, it wasn’t intentional, but Yamada returns today alongside another Venture Bros season premiere, while getting a bit grabby with Ulrich (website, pixiv, nijie).

Altera X Cecilia - Faustsketcher

How about some new Faustsketcher (tumblr, deviantart, hentai-foundry, pixiv)? We haven’t had him around in some time, and he’s well overdue for an appearance.

Youmu Konpaku - Narumiya

Lots of Touhou, anal, and Touhou anal going on in Narumiya’s (website, pixiv) work.

Gobul X Kirin X Healer U - Aruchu Kizuki

Let’s take a page from one of Aruchu Kizuki’s (website, pixiv) doujin today, shall we?

Kei and Yuri - Keso

I kind of want to believe that Keso (website, pixiv) is secretly a pen name for Haruka Takachiho and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko doing dirty Dirty Pair together, because this sequence is about 200% true to the sort of nonsense Kei and Yuri get into.

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