containing "Vocaloid"
Haku X Miku - Sadamasa Shiika

Sadamasa Shiika (website, pixiv, twitter) draws some nice stuff, but I’m almost more interested in all of the animation process work in his gallery.

Lily and Rin - Yakitori

Bath time around here with Yakitori (pixiv, nicovideo) and Tami Boro (pixiv, tumblr).

Yukari Yuzuki - Ajishio

There really ought to be an amusing name for this situation, but whether or not one gets coined, Ajishio (site, blog, pixiv, nijie) and the rest will keep on drawing it for us.

Hatsune Miku - Nonoririn

All this time I’ve managed to keep the site dupe-free and then I go and screw it up on back-to-back weeks. Now that I’ve discovered my error, I’m doubling back- pun absolutely intended- with Nonorin (pixiv, deviantart) to make it all better again.

Hatsune Miku - Muutya

I always love finding pieces, like these from Muutya (blog, pixiv, deviantart) and Yuzawa (pixiv, nijie), that form perfectly complementing contrasts of each other.

Luka x Miku - Chiri

How about some vocaloid action from Chiri (blog, pixiv, niconico) to cap off the week?

Sex Nochi Ryou Omoi - Doumou

Doumou (website, pixiv) and Mujakuma (blog, pixiv) painting on fine canvases for us today.

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