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Alice X Yuuka - Kagari6496

It looks like we’ve got another Touhou, but I’m not gonna pass up this Kagari6496.

Tracer X Widowmaker - Reptileye

All the furor over Tracer’s ass shot getting pulled out of Overwatch, but as Reptileye (blog, deviantart, pixiv, hentai-foundry) shows, even she knows which ass matters.

Fuuro X Kamitsure - Maya Yuuki

I really wish Maya Yuuki (blog, pixiv, nicovideo) posted his stuff at a higher resolution.

Houshou X Nachi - ICE

ICE/Serious Graphics is seriously overdue for showing up here, I’ve got pieces of his work saved on my hard drive going back at least 13 years at this point, if not older.

Aqua, Darkness, Megumin - Morokoshitaroh

Konosuba’s dreams brothel was a pretty clever little spin, one that is being taken full advantage of by artists like Morokoshitaroh (website, blog, pixiv, nijie) here.

Sniper Wolf X Meryl - RenX

With as little attention as Sniper Wolf gets (especially with Quiet stealing the sniper thunder), there’s no way I could pass up this fine piece of work by RenX.

Chun-Li X Mai Shiranui - Tumtumisu

Back to the couch with a fun, classic coupling by Tumtumisu (tumblr, hentai-foundry).

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