woooooooobily I abandon this until May31 to recharge, while leaving you looking at some Senni (pixiv, niconico) here.


It’s that time of year again, I’m taking a break until June 1, so enjoy some KTN (website, pixiv) until then.

UPDATED: Whoooops, forgot how the code was set up, leaving this hidden away. Break started on Sunday.

Nitori Kawashiro - Kurione

More or less. As is obvious, we’re back to front-page distractions. The sidebar’s gone in favor of more pixels, which will be particularly nice for those horizontal images. I’ve also trimmed out some unused cruft and pretty much cut the focus to the distractions themselves. I didn’t get as much of a jump on this as I would have liked, so there’s a few kinks to work out and I still need to go nudge, oh, pretty [...]


As mentioned on Friday, a beak is imminent, so imminent that a break is now. That’s right, today’s is the last daily post until June 2 (to quell my own ongoing annoyance at the weeks starting on Fridays) while I relax, recharge, and refresh.

In the meantime, you may see things shift about here, as I take some time to poke and prod at the back-end. I’ve already gotten a bit of a start on it, throwing together [...]

Vanessa - Sawao

Chugging along, everything going smoothly, and BAM! Yet again, you’ve been stuck without an easy link to yesterday’s post because I failed to toggle the featured image in WordPress. Every time it happens, I feel like an idiot, and at the same time I curse WordPress to high heaven. For whatever fucking reason, they decided that you should no longer be able set the featured image at the same time as you’re uploading and inserting it [...]

Gun Smoky Baby - Shimoigusa / Takemura Sessyu

You know moving is running you ragged when you buy your mom a birthday card (that expresses sentiments well) only to realize later that it’s a Mother’s Day card. Whoops. But by and large it is done, thank fuck, mostly just some handfuls of stuff to put away, figures to arrange, and boxes to flatten/return. Internet is in at the new place and gloriously fast, I have room for stuff, and the ceilings are tall (a much-needed [...]

Athena Glory - Kuroko (Piii)

Well, that didn’t take very long at all, got confirmation of my apartment application being accepted this afternoon, so hooray and huzzah, I have a place to live next week. That’s a huge load of stress off my shoulders, making it the perfect time to relax and listen to Athena here (as depicted here by Kuroko) sing a soothing song. If you’re ever in need of a show that is just pure bliss and [...]

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