Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne - hi-ho-

After getting jerked around on my apartment hunt, I’ve got an application in with the first place I looked at and am waiting on word back on that. I’ve spent today prepping posts for the site into the middle of August. Now it’s time to kick back, play some video games, and leave myself to the hands of Fate (not unlike this Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne piece by hi-ho-). Well, that and finishing up the never-ending [...]

Psyduck - Jesse Riggle

3028 days to move. Whee. As such, there may be some disruption in the daily posts, or even total silence, I hope you understand. I’m going to try and keep that from happening, but we’ll see what happens. Looking at a place on Monday, hopefully it works for me, and if not, well, I hope it doesn’t drag on so long that I become like Jesse Riggle‘s Psyduck here.

Beach - KKUEM

Tinkering and hammering about, ahead of tomorrow’s return. Not making as extensive an overhaul as I’d anticipated, but I am shaking it up a bit, as you can see, you’re seeing new colors (which are currently being fiddled with), and the Daily Distraction’s been moved off to the sidebar now, so you can probably expect this main column to change about more slowly while that little thumbnail shifts about. You can also follow the latest Distractions by [...]

Comics - 05-11-11

I’m a comics fiend, can you tell? I’m even wearing an Orange Lantern shirt at the moment. At any rate, time to start making with the brain dumps with my thoughts on the books I’m buying each week. Given the number of comics involved, we’ll see how long I can keep this up. To kick things off, a bit of a larger week, aided by the start of DC’s summer event, Flashpoint, and the timely delivery of [...]

Sky Doll - Alessandro Barbucci

Okay, I think that’s pretty much everything. If you see something funky, drop a comment, otherwise, let’s get things properly underway here with the pair of wallpapers I’m using on my iPad, from Alessandro Barbucci‘s magnificent Sky Doll graphic novels (and may Tome 4 see English publication/translation soon).

Vanessa - KoF 2001 - Falcoon

The fun stuff’s coming, honest, just getting everything in place first (and getting Portal 2 out of my system).

rule the roost - Skottie Young, Oz

Okay, that was a lot more monkeywork than I’d wanted, but we’ve finally got the page-to-page navigation sorted. Comments getting their attention next, and then I think I’ll be ready to open the doors, unless I decide to figure out Galleries first.

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