Daily Distractions
Marika X Mirei - Umiko Tousaki

A lovely little (okay, huge) piece from Umiko Tousaki (website, pixiv, tumblr) for today.

Djeeta and Christina - Cait

Cait (blog, pixiv) has a pretty cute style, even when he’s going a bit harder like this.

Android 18 - 21YC

More exquisite than explicit, 21YC (blog, pixiv) has some mighty fine art on display.

Rapunzel - InCase

Even when InCase (tumblr, webcomic, deviantart, hentai-foundry) is just doing a fast piece the results can be pretty damned amazing, I mean, just look at these variants.

Akane X Rafaela - Real XXIII

Real XXIII (pixiv, twitter) and NinjaKitty (tumblr, hentai-foundry) return with a couple of messy titfucks to close out the month for us.

Choco Magician Girl - MtU

MtU (pixiv, nicovideo, twitter) is known for his panty shots, but this is more my speed.

Erika Itsumi - NKSK

Nothing too fancy, we’ve just got NKSK keeping things clean today.

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