Sapphic Saturday

A little bit classy, a little bit (okay a lot) trashy, I couldn’t decide which image to wrap this site up with, so you get both Sawasawa (blog, pixiv, tumblr, twitter) and Freddy Sakazaki (website, pixiv) as your parting gifts for this adventure. Yep, as of today, you can consider this site finished (until I surface again with a more archival layout for all of this). I could go [...]

Marika X Mirei - Umiko Tousaki

A lovely little (okay, huge) piece from Umiko Tousaki (website, pixiv, tumblr) for today.

Whether or not Bardan inverted it himself, it’s fantastic whichever way you look at it.

Miko X Kokoro X Byakuren - Yuki Akehi

A lighter collection from Yuki Akehi today, the weather’s too nice to waste it indoors.

Haku X Miku - Sadamasa Shiika

Sadamasa Shiika (website, pixiv, twitter) draws some nice stuff, but I’m almost more interested in all of the animation process work in his gallery.

Zarya X Mercy - RHA

RHA (tumblr, art tumblr, hentai-foundry) returns with a fairly rare pairing.

Miku X Riina - Casino

Out and about all week, all I want is a nice quiet weekend like Casino has going on.

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